"SeaMugz by Damian Fulton is quite possibly surfing's first NFT art collection"

-The Inertia

Artist Damian Fulton drops into the NFT world with his genesis drop of SeaMugz. 40 one of one avatars based on the ethos of surf moto and parking lot so cal culture. Some of the characters come from his universe of paintings and some are new creations.

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Auctions go Live on April 23rd, Portion of Proceeds to Surfers Healing

Virtual Gallery at PiratePunks Gallery

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WTF is an NFT? How do I buy one?

Need some help? This article will walk you through it installing metamask, filling it with ETH and buying an NFT


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Surfers Healing IG (Charity)
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All Art © @damianfulton | Produced by @vegsurfer / @backdoorfinance